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Our mission at Moulton Preschool is to provide a bridge between home and school. Our ethos is to develop a love of learning through play. 

Our main focus areas are: 

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

  • Physical Development 

  • Communication & Language 

  • Literacy 

  • Understanding the World 

  • Mathematics 

  • Expressive Art and Design 

Our village location near Newmarket, Suffolk, offers a term time only setting open on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the choice of morning only sessions or sessions that run into the early afternoon. 


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Our Aim

Our aim is to allow the children to have as many experiences as possible in order that they become confident and independent learners and ready for their next steps in their learning journey.

Everything we aim for is achieved through play and fun activities.

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Transition into school life

As pre-school is a child’s first step towards formal learning we encourage children in the following ways to ease their transition into school life:

1.Take turns and sharing.
2.To join in with rhyming and rhythmic activities.
3. Linking some sounds to a letter.
4. Enjoying books.
5. Enjoy mark making i.e. drawing, painting.
6. Practising counting.
7. Sorting and matching.
8. Dress and undress. (As you can appreciate useful when they start P.E lessons at primary school.)

We have good a relationship with Moulton School and regularly have visits from their pupils who come and read to our children. 

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