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Main Room

We are based in Moulton Village Hall, situated in the heart of the beautiful village of Moulton near Newmarket. As such, our main classroom is completely open plan giving us the opportunity to set up a variety of different play stations each session and is accessible to all children. This provides a great opportunity for children of all ages to learn the important skills needed for their transition into school such as turn taking and sharing, enjoying books, enjoying mark making and physical activity.  

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Snack Area

As well as play stations we also have a snack area situated in the main classroom and a healthy snack and cup of milk or water is provided mid morning for all children attending.  We have a rolling snack system. This initiative allows children to participate in snack time when they feel ready and is seen to be less disruptive for their play and learning and promotes independence.

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Break Out Room

We have a smaller break out room which is perfect for smaller group activities.  

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Outside we have a veranda which allows for outdoor play all year round. We will encourage the children to play outside for at least some of their session with us.  

We also have access to the large Village Hall field and will often take the children onto that for larger games such as football or to use the park.  

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