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"I have been lucky enough to have an involvement with Moulton Preschool since my son attended January 2021.
I can honestly say that Moulton Preschool have help give my Children the best start into school life.
My son (like most children during covid) really struggled with separation from me, The staff always put me at ease and dealt with getting him into the setting professionally and compassionately. He still says now how much he misses his time at the pre school….
My daughter joined Moulton preschool September 2022 (aged 34 months) she always comes out happy and full of conversations on what she has been up to.
Tapestry is a lovely way of catching up on what she has been up to in her day. I feel Moulton
Preschool is a safe environment where the staff go above and beyond to make sure the children are safe, happy and have the space to learn and enjoy experience. I know that all the staff here know all the children and spend time with them all not just their key children, which makes it feel even more special and a warm environment for our children to grow and develop.
The manager Susan, has their interests at heart and has involved the Preschool in activities to help the children develop further and give the Preschool more structure around play. I have been very lucky to have the same Key worker – Sue for both of my children, she is always on hand to help with advice and keeps in touch, We had a rough couple of months with bereavement – a pet and a grandmother. All of the staff have been professional and all though it’s been sad I have felt confident that my child has been safe and well looked after during her time in the setting.
We are very lucky to have Moulton Preschool part of our community and I would still like to be involved with the Preschool once my children have left because the staff and the setting make it feel like a home from home. I am truly grateful to be part of something so special" Parent 

"My little girl loves it here. She loves to tell me about the activities they have done and brings home some nice work. Great feedback from the staff. Lovely pre school" Parent 

"Wonderful, well resourced pre-school with friendly, welcoming staff.

The team do so many great activities with the children and the new equipment is great.

Highly recommended!" Parent 

"E has not been with you for long but she absolutely loves attending and has settled in so nicely. She comes home fully animated about the things she has done during the day and especially loves the music lady who comes on a Friday. I am very happy I chose Moulton pre school for E."  Parent 

"Moulton pre-school provides a full and rounded curriculum for the children in their care. Each week as I arrive to run my music session the activities the children are engaging in are varied and well organised within the space. I have seen playdoh, cars, small world, climbing frame and activities, paint, story time, books, writing and colouring materials, cooking/baking and much more. The resources are well set out and very engaging - I always want to go and join in myself! Children are able to select their own learning and move between activities independently, sharing and discussing amongst themselves with adults aiding progression by providing support and next steps. Children know where to go for help if they need it and are friendly and confident to talk to each other and the adults in the setting. They also utilise the outside area well and are often outside just before or after the session too. Children are polite and respectful of the adults and their peers which is modelled and encouraged by all staff. It is a lovely setting to get to come and work in each week where I am able to see the progress provided by continuity" Sophie, Moo Music 


"Our daughter has attended Moulton Pre-School for the past 16 months. She has grown in confidence, is always happy to attend and is animated whilst telling us about the many activities. 

We have been impressed with the breadth of topics covered, for example, recently for Chinese New Year the making of lanterns and eating noodles together. An outside teacher does a weekly music class which our daughter delights in. She has become very interested and engaged in writing her name and loves borrowing a book each week to read at home. 

Moulton Pre-School gently encourage the children to be independent in dressing, eating, using the toilet and washing their hands. 

There are good opportunities for parents to become involved at Pre-school. Whilst participating I have noticed that the staff and children are happy and safe in the setting and on their outings around the village, for example to Moulton Primary School for the reception class’ nativity play. Staff have always been warm and helpful and good at communicating with both children and parents.

We are very fortunate to have such a high quality local setting and I would not hesitate in recommending Moulton Pre-School"Parent

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